The procedures that are followed for sewer line leak repair by us


Sewer is the thing that helps you dispose of all the wastes from your home. Keeping the sewer good is very important for the hygiene of all the people living in the house. That is why we are going to discuss the sewer line leak repair services provided by us.

The reasons for sewer lines getting damaged

There are a whole lot of reasons due to which sewer pipelines get damaged and some of the reasons are inevitable to be prevented but we can at least try to minimize the damage caused by such reasons. Before going into that we are going to talk about the reasons for the cause of leakage in the sewer pipelines.

  • The roots of the trees grow and penetrate the sewage pipelines.
  • The corrosion of pipes is another major reason behind the damaged sewer pipelines.
  • Debris and foreign objects cause a lot of damage.
  • An extreme amount of temperature can cause high damage to the sewage lines.
  • An extreme amount of pressure gets applied on the pipe of the sewer lines.

The different methods of repair of the sewer line leak

There are many different methods by which we can repair the sewer lines. These need to be done by experienced professionals because these are very critical to be done and need to be executed perfectly. So the different procedures or methods for repairing leaking sewer lines are as follows:

  • Pipelining

This is a very hard process and is also one of the best for the repair of sewage. It has legibility and is also fit for everyone’s pocket. But the only limitation is that this procedure can only be utilized when and only when the damage to your sewage pipe is minimal.

  • Pipe Bursting

This is another method that can be used for repairing the sewer lines. This procedure is not the first choice but is only picked to be executed when it is seen that the damage caused to your sewage pipe is not minimal and hence the pipe lining- method would not work.

The choice is made after doing the sewer camera inspection.


So, these are all the things you needed to know to keep your sewer lines intact. If you are looking for Plumbing Services in Miami contact us.