Maintenance of slabs and how to detect and repair leakage in a slab


There are slabs in every one of our houses. It is where washing and cleaning of our dishes and other things are done. So, it is a very important and crucial part of our household and that is why we are bringing our Plumbing services in Miami to you.

The process of detection of leakage in slabs

There are a lot of ways in which you can detect whether or not there is a leakage in the slabs at your home. These are understood by observing the action in the sink very clearly and are hard to be noticed as you cannot understand it without experience of the field. The slab leak detection services provided by us are of top quality.

Now let’s get to know how you can find the leak in your slabs.

  • You listen to the water flowing under your floors, but your plumbing appliances and taps are off
  • Carpets get damp or are wet with water without an explanation
  • You smell mildew, mold, or a general mustiness
  • Your floor has warm spots on it.
  • Floorboards get buckling or warping.
  • The water pressure has gone down.
  • There is water flowing on your floor without a noticeable sign of the part it is coming from.
  • There is water staggered around your slab’s foundation.
  • You notice that the water bill has gone up.

How To Fix a Slab Leak

Slab leakages are very badly complicated to repair. This is the reason for getting access to the leakage including getting into the concrete slab. Your floor will have to be taken away for a moment, and our employee will have to hammer it off into the concrete, unwrap the broken pipe, and get it fixed.

If you want a slab leak repair, you must work with an experienced, professional plumber like ours at Plumbing in Air. All the slab leakages detection experts can point out the location of the leakage, fix the leakage severity, and give you all viable restoration options.


Thus, we have provided you with all the necessary details about our Slab leak detection and repair services in Miami.