4 Common Sewer Line Problems


It’s critical to understand the most common sewer line problems and their solutions so that you can keep your sewer system in good working order! Unfortunately, your sewer is vulnerable to a variety of problems; here are some of the most common.

Common Sewer Line Issues

  1. Tree roots have caused damage. Tree roots can be the worst enemy of any sewer line. If you have roots in your sewer system, they can severely damage your line and necessitate Sewer Line Leak Repair. In this case, you should contact a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

If a large object or debris is clogging your sewer line, it can spell disaster for your entire system!

  1. Corrosion or deterioration of pipes Is your piping showing signs of wear? Is it constructed of something other than PVC piping? If this is the case, your pipes are likely to corrode or deteriorate. This can result in both water flow restrictions and line collapses. You can also get Sewer Camera Inspection services.
  2. Pipes have burst. If your sewer pipes have broken, cracked, or collapsed as a result of a storm, frozen ground, or shifting soil, this is never a good sign for the future of your sewer system. As soon as this occurs, contact a plumbing professional.

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